21 Hump Street: Sindy and the Crazy Cajun

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Ismail Malik Agosto 19, Everything's good here the service the ambiance very nice place and delicious food. Must try guys.

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Try the Cajun style. Come early as the parking is very limited. Irene Fatima Alquizola Febrero 13, Call ahead to get a reservation. Place is almost always full. Joanna Marie Junio 9, Octubre 29, The rice was not cooked properly though, lata-lata. Jan xan Febrero 16, I like the cajun bucket shrimps! It's sweet and very spicy.

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Sethow Alferez Agosto 9, Shrimpsss for the hungry classy motherfather! Asa namo??? Obtener direcciones. STK Ta Bay! Fresh crabs, Shrimps, and meat dishes to give you a happy tummy" Carlo Andrew Olano. Try their sausages too!!! A smoothie with Kale in it…. Apple-braised pork debris. Tried escargot as an appetizer at a local French restaurant.

That was a first, and a suprisingly good one! We are pretty simple and same thing at my house.

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That is why I love to go to sushi or Thai restaurants with friends. I always try something new every time I go.

Too bad it has been several months. Last time I tried Plum Wine does that count as food? I know, right? I tried it and love it!

So much that i made it myself several days in a row. The family lives that I love it now. I liked; including the anti-aging and weight control benefits!! I am such a boring eater. I easily get stuck in a food rut. I would have to say spaghetti squash and plantains-not real exotic, but to me they were!

While I Ireland last month, I had both shepherds pie and fish and chips.

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We already have a pretty eclectic menu, but we are adding more different kinds of fish into the mix, which is an adventure. I love the chance to eat anything exotic since my family is not very adventurous. So I insisted on getting raw sushi for our 10 year anniversary and it was delicious!!

Stir fry is a regular rotation in our meal planning, but usually with the same several ingredients. I got really crazy last week and bought some bok choy. It added a slight bit of variety and everyone survived. We moved to Miami about a month ago due to a military PCS and I recently ate fried plantains…they are everywhere here lol! I broke a rule of training when I tried pho for the first time the night before a half-marathon. LOVED it, and it was a pleasant change from the usual pre-race pasta dinner.

While in Washington, I had Ethiopian food and it was delicious! I would love to make injera, their tasty bread! It was awful. So appropriate after listening to the nutrition podcast and finding this in our Blue Apron box this week! My daughter saw a dragon fruit and asked if we could buy it and try it. After googling how to cut it, we dug in. The beauty of the fruit was as exciting as things got — It sort of tasted like a bland kiwi. But now we can say we tried it!! I just try hard not to think about what they really are…. I had this dish: scallops peach ezme, walnut muhammara, grapeleaves, mint at a delicious restaurant near me!

I was with a friend, and she ordered some as an appetizer. When the pods came, I tried bit into one and tried to chew it. Good call. Sorry to be a hater on this one, but trust us. Geoduck are a delicacy in China and considered an aphrodisiac because of its phallic shape.


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Look it up on Google and then I dare you to eat one!! Nothing exotic lately. I guess most recently I had misir wot Ethiopian which is a recipe I recreated based on a fav dish from a restaurant in the city I used to live in, as well as some online recipes. Always served with azifa cold lentil salad. So funny, I just made zucchini noodles last night for dinner with pancetta, pine nuts, and spinach , and also learned last night that they are called zoodles…. Maybe not exotic but different for me, I made coconut cauliflower rice.

Hmm, nothing terribly exotic lately. I toasted buckwheat groats for a zucchini slaw.

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