A Prophet Operating at a Loss (Zane P. Bond)

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The finishing part of K is composed of short compound cun-es, together with a small loop,. Careful study should always precede practice on any letter. Faithful and. Teachers and Students are urged to assist in collecting material for this page are subscribers to the B. September Contest.

Special Notice. Those beginning Mr.

Bailey's course should write a specimen in black ink containing an alphabet, capitals and small and the following sentences: This is a specimen of my best business writing this day of September, Mail to the Contest Department or hand to your teacher to mail to us. Further details of this improvement contest will be announced later.

The teachers in the Binghamton, N. Miss Elizabeth Landon is directing the handwriting. Let us see what your pupils are doing. Eberhart, Instructor. Peter's parrot plagues peaceful pussy. Penmanship pupils practice patiently. Persistent punsters prove pretty painful. Poor Peggy picks pretty poppies.

Peter Pan played pranks perpetually. Pauline's poetic pappa planted pretty pansies. Ruffians roamed rough, rugged roads.

Rough riders rode rapidly. Remembering Ralph, Rena refused Robert. Eberhart, "my students and I got to work and made up sentences of our own. Many of the problems of life retjuire the application of similar resourcefulness.

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The sentences will not only assist in mastering penmanship but they will cause many a smile by thos3 who use them. Witness "Keith's kangaroo kicked Katherine's kitten. Animated animadversions antedated Aristotle. An abused animal always acts afraid. Aphrodite annually asked Apollo's apology. Augustus always admired and applauded athletes.

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Hateful Henry hid Harold's handkerchief. Herman helped Helen Hampton hem hemstitched handkerchiefs. Teacher told Tommy to tend to toilsome tasks.

Teddy tickled Timmy's toes. The tennis team thoughtfully thanked Thomptot. Indolent Ivan investigated in Iceland. I imagine Irene is ill in Ireland. Idle Ida isn't improving in ironing.


A Prophet Operating at a Loss

Uncle Ulysses used unsatisfactory utensils. Uriah used uncle's useful utility umbrella. Ugly Ulrica usually used unguents. Bruce bore beautiful Betty's bundles. Big black bears bite bad boys. Gentle Geraldine got gray gingham goods. George got grandpa's "goat". Grace goes gathering gooseberries. Father found new flying fish flying fast. Fault-finding fogies found fifty funny fossils. Fearless Frederick fought for freedom. Funny fat Francis fed freckled Fanny fine fly.

Vain Vera vamped Vernon vigorously. Victoria varnished Victor's Victrola. Carl's crow caws constantly. Catherine's cat catches catfish cautiously. Chester's cart can certainly coast. Careful Carrie carried cherries carefully. Dorothy Dalton daily dr dolls daintily. David Dingo digs ditches daily. Doris dodges Daniel's Dodge. Daniel Deronda detested dried dates. Daring diver Donald dived down deep. Earnest Everett ever enters evening entertainments.

Enthusiastic Edwin excuses every excusable. Miss Minnie Miller makes meal muffins. Much money makes many men millionaires. Noisy Ned nibbled nutritious nuts. Naughty Nan neglected Ned's new niece. Nora needs nourishment near noon. The top specimen was written by Florence W. William Wilson writes wordy witticisms. Washington White's wife washes windows.

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Winnie Winkle wears warm wraps. Why won't Weary Willie work willingly? Wise woodpeckers willingly work while wren3 wander. Willard Watson walked wearily westward. What country made Chinese ink famous? What famous Englishman was one of the. What three things did the Englishman say that ink should contain? Why did scientists begin to study ink?

Very few people outside of the profession know anything about the history or composition of ink, paper, pens, or fountain pens; and most students have a hard time, unless they are especially drilled on the subject, to analyze a letter or show its development.

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It would seem that all serious students of a subject should. About five questions are as much as time will permit and as they will be able to grasp and retain at one time.

After all the questions have been answered I have the papers collected and then I answer the. Some may object to this saying that I should have the students answer them. Possibly they are right, but I find that their answers on unfamiliar material are apt to be confusing and to be rather misleading to the class. Then the teacher can create a style of brief answers that may be developed in the succeeding papers. The class waits for my answers as the soSome questions lution to a puzzle.