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Previous Carabao Cup draws became notoriously unreliable — with teams shown as playing in two ties or in the wrong matches — as well as facing criticism for taking place at am BST or being pre-recorded.

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This one, however, at least involved plenty of supporters who were able to have their photographs with Barnes, Parlour and the three-handled League Cup trophy just in front of the hot food stand. Surrounded by shoppers and free samples the event also resembled an advertising campaign for which Barnes and Parlour would be well-paid but forever ribbed by their friends for taking part. And so, after one angry shopper had demanded to know why she could not leave by her usual exit, the draw took place behind a partition screen, at the correct time and with no glitches in the matrix, giving weight to the claims of Barnes and the organisers that this draw was for the good of the fans.

Almost every ball was cheered or booed by those who had gathered to watch, with the number of Liverpool shirts on show suggesting Barnes was a bigger attraction than the draw itself — even if some tasty ties came out of the pot. Salford, playing in the competition for the first time following their promotion to Sky Bet League Two were drawn against Championship heavyweights Leeds.

Welcome back into my life Leeds United.

We do not moderate comments, but we expect readers to adhere to certain rules in the interests of open and accountable debate. No spillage in aisle five as Barnes and Parlour ensure draw runs without a hitch. No spillage in aisle five as Barnes and Parlour ensure draw runs without a hitch By Press Association House Rules.

See our article comments House Rules here. Officials plan to devel-op into a supermarket with housing above it. And that has put them at the center of a growing neighborhood food fight.

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Last year, HCCI began work on plans to build a small supermarket run by the Krasdale chain, which already operates a number of Bravo and C-Town markets in northern Manhattan. The idea was to construct a building that would accommodate the market as well as a string of smaller stores to be filled by local entrepreneurs. For reasons that are not entirely clear, the city put forth a proposal last year to rezone the site to accommodate the construction of a much larger supermarket—probably a Pathmark, the only chain with an established track record of building mega-markets in inner-city neighborhoods.

Unlike the battle over the development of the Pathmark on th Street in East Harlem, the debate that has divided Bradhurst is not about whether to have a supermarket—but what size it will be and who will get to control it. Washington, pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church, maintains the small market plan is the key to Bradhurst being able to control its redevelopment and how the community will look in the future.

That fits into the neighborhood, not a megastore. But the groups who support the Pathmark idea are also gearing up to make their case.

Yuien Chin, co-chair of the West Harlem Community Preservation Organization, says price and convenience for local shoppers should outweigh what they consider to be vaguer concerns about community control. Pamela Fairclough of the Community Food Resource Center, who has been studying the placement of supermarkets and their use by low-income communities, also thinks this is a perfect site for a large supermarket.

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And to have it right in a neighborhood that historically has not had its supermarket needs met makes it an opportunity not to be passed up. Fairclough also claims that markets over 30, square feet typically offer more than three times as many items as Krasdale-scale markets. That experience is echoed in other studies. A report by Consumers Union in California showed that 92 percent of middle-income people traveled five minutes or less for shopping, while only 28 percent of low-income people could get their goods without a major trek.

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The majority had to travel more than 15 minutes to get to a store. Many in Harlem know this all too well. I come to Fairway [a 35, square-foot store on rd St. His sentiments are echoed by Michael Adams, a local historian who wonders why this community needs superstores when other neighborhoods in Manhattan have high quality and low prices without large stores and the off-street parking that they require.

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