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Where they live View a map of where they live They are an introduced species in Washington State, originally found only to the east of the Rocky Mountains Currently found in many low elevation areas in Washington Live in lakes, ponds and wetlands, generally in the water or on the shoreline Breeding Breeding season is spring and summer Females can lay up to 25, eggs in one mass Eggs can hatch within 5 days but takes the tadpoles two years to complete metamorphosis Cool Biology Facts Can jump feet!

Males are territorial and will get in physical fights to defend their territory.

Many restaurants in the US have bullfrogs on the menu and there are actual bullfrog farms to supply them! Are often carriers of the chytrid fungus that has been one of the major reasons for many frog species declines; however they are generally resistant to the devastating effects of the fungus. Threats Their population is increasing and in many areas efforts are being made to eradicate them.


American Bullfrog

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Eskew, E. Teague, M. Thomas, A. Photo by Todd Pierson Lithobates catesbeianus Description : This largest of North American frogs is perhaps our most familiar amphibian.

Bullfrogs threaten B.C. ecosystems

Kiefer, S. Lindsay, E. Merrill, W. Moretz, J. Roberts, E.

Bullfrogs Eat Everything

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Pickens, W. Guthrie, A.

Bullfrogs Eat Everything

Young, Y. Kornilev, W. Anderson, G. Connette, E.