DNA and Cell Resonance

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Terahertz molecular resonance of cancer DNA

Access provided by: anon Sign Out. Terahertz molecular resonance of cancer DNA Abstract: Cancer is defined as a genetic and epigenetic disease involving the chemical and structural alteration of DNA.

  • Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)—Note 1.2.
  • Terahertz molecular resonance of cancer DNA.
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  • Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer FRET—Note | Thermo Fisher Scientific - HK!

For this reason, previous genome sequencing methods, such as nanopore sequencing, have usually used electronic techniques [1, 2]. This only serves to emphasize the importance role of detecting cancerous epigenetic changes to DNA, when the optical molecular fingerprints of cancer are found.

“Way out there” paper claiming to merge physics and biology retracted – Retraction Watch

Aberrant DNA methylation is an epigenetic modification, a well-known carcinogenic mechanism [3, 4], and a common chemical and structural modification of DNA that does not change the DNA sequence. Terahertz waves can be used to observe modifications to DNA because the characteristic energies of biomolecules occur in the terahertz region.

  1. DNA and Cell Resonance: Magnetic Waves Enable Cell Communication | DNA and Cell Biology.
  2. Prof. Konstantin Meyl -- DNA and Cell Resonance (TOC).
  3. DNA Tetraplex Formation Studied with Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer!
  4. We found resonance fingerprints of methylation in cancer DNAs using improved terahertz spectroscopic methods [5]. The terahertz characteristics of methylated cytidine, a nucleoside, were a clue to observing the resonance fingerprints of DNA methylation.

    deshycadupaws.ml Now, a team of researchers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Yeshiva University have proposed that microtubules may have a remarkable property in which energy is stored at their surface in topological phonon edges. This is similar to the unusual properties of topological insulators, in which there are short-range quantum entanglement of topological states, observed in some classes of superconductors.

    If such a property is observed and verified experimentally it would be another example of non-classical, quantum mechanical behavior of the molecular nanomachinery of the cell.

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    The research team believes that such topological phonon states at the microtubule's edges may play a significant role in their functionality, controlling, for instance, the behavior known as dynamical instability, which is what allows microtubules to be so versatile and essential in cellular functions. This may present a method to target neoplasms, as cancer cells often divide abnormally by subverting the normal function of microtubules.

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    Biomimicry provides some of the most advanced technological breakthroughs -- nearly all of molecular biology, used to produce DNA fingerprints, edit and engineer genomes, reverse genetic diseases , produce cures and vaccines, etc This utilization by organisms of some of the most remarkable and advanced properties of physical matter is because over billions of years of experimentation and development, nature has produced some pretty clever adaptations.