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Compare gravy train informal. Earning money.

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He wanted easy money. His story was this: He had built up a big enterprise during the pioneer boom days of easy money and negligible competition. I was merely paid for the risk assumed, and it was easy money.

If he were merely some cowboy looking for easy money and excitement, that was a different matter. They are making merry with champagne and motor cars—if you can accept that figure—and revelry and easy money. Schools facing tight budgets see corporate sponsorship as easy money. The business pages were calling it 'the end of the era of easy money '.


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He was drawn to the easy money that came with celebrity. Examples of easy money. None resisted the temptation of easy money and the greed it engenders. From Cambridge English Corpus. For thoughtful students the million dollars refer red to should be easy money to get hold of. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

  • Easy Money | Board Game | BoardGameGeek;
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Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. They had no income, and they spotted a way to earn some easy money. From the Hansard archive.

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Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3. It is time the idea ceased that the farmer is easy game for easy money. It is due to her laziness, her desire for easy money and her distorted sense of values.

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To-day we have bad trade, but we do not seem to have easy money ; it is a case of getting the worst of both worlds. If people want fame or easy money , there are easier ways of doing it than through the medical profession. There is no easy money , no easy trade, to be earned. If more easy money were to mean only indifference and idleness, we should not be justified in having gone ahead on these lines.

I doubt whether easy money is particularly good for educational administration, any more than it is particularly good for the individual.


That is the relevance of our attack on the easy money gentlemen who avoid tax. They believe that economic growth depends on ever higher public spending, paid for by higher borrowing and higher taxes, and on easy money.

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At one extreme there is poverty, unemployment and deprivation and at the other there is easy money and the encouragement of greed and selfishness. They think that they can make easy money from that disgusting material. Aaaahh hah! You don't have to talk all night, I'm a man who can't say no You don't have to twist my arm, just point me where you want to go Take me to the action, take me to the track Take me to a party if they're bettin' in the back I've been working all my life, can't afford to wait Let me call my wife so I can tell her I'll be late I want the easy, easy money, easy money, I could get lucky Oh, things could go right Ah ah ah I want the easy, easy money Easy money, maybe this one time, maybe tonight Aaaahh hah!

You don't have to try too hard, I don't need a song and dance Uh-I don't need an invitation-a, if you've got a game of chance Take me to the tables, take me to the fights Run me like the numbers, roll me like the dice When you're counting on a killing, always count me in Talk me into losin' just as long as I can win I want the easy, easy money, easy money, I want the good times Oh, I never had Ah ah ah I want the easy, easy money Oh, I want the good life, I want it bad Easy money, you say I fool myself, but better me than being a fool for someone else I got a hot slot machine of a system ready to go Easy money, I got a one-track mind and a good reputation laying on the line I'll either come back a bum or a king, baby I don't know You don't have to start a fire I'm a man who can't say no If you've got a little risky business, just point me where you want to go Take me to the power, take me to the heat Take me to the cleaners if it's open to the street Something's got to pay off, something's got to break Someone's got a fortune that they're begging me to take I want the easy, easy money, easy money, I could get lucky Things could go right Ah ah ah I want the easy, easy money Easy money, maybe just this time, oh maybe tonight Easy money, oh, I don't want no hard cash I just want the easy money I could get lucky Easy money Oh, count, count, count, count, count, haaa ha ha!

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