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Saint Nicholas had strong beliefs in the principles of Christianity and an affinity for giving gifts. But he changed the way we saw St.

Even more, he gave his new mythical Santa a home. Children adored his images and kept up the fantasies. During the s and s there were several expeditions to the Arctic, which gained worldwide media attention. The Arctic had become a famous and fabled location. A location where it snowed all year round and could be understood as a respite for a creature that is always associated with the cold. Because this event is so popular, we do advise booking in advance.

Santa's Story

Can they come in too? Again, as long as there are tickets you can of course buy one on the door.

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Are there any accessible Storytelling with Santa sessions? Can we do anything else at Storyhouse? Why not book for a film in the Storyhouse Cinema , which shows great family films every weekend at Click here for the latest films. This may be someone with a learning disability or an autism spectrum condition. Spoken Word Audio Books Coloring Books Kids' Subjects Sale Items Pauline Books and Media is the publishing house of the Daughters of St.

'The True Story of Santa Claus'

We are all about helping you discover hope in your life. That's because we believe that Christ, our ultimate hope, is the Light revealing to each person the mystery and meaning of their life.

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There are a lot of publishers and book stores that do what we do. What makes us different is our why and our for whom. We spend each day deepening the skills that help us communicate Christ through the language of the media. Contact us by chat or give us a call: About this Book: Join Rachel on a magical journey as she meets someone Saint Nicholas who knows the true story of Santa Claus and discovers the true meaning of Christmas that is revealed in God's love. Presbytera Joanne Palko says What a beautiful and inspiring book for young children as it explains the joy of St.

Nicholas and Santa Claus!

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Rachel was told that Santa lives in Heaven and was worried that he would no longer bring presents. That night in a dream, she was escorted by her Guardian Angel to meet St. The saint explained that he shares the love of God by doing good and you can give your gifts in secret.

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All his life St. Nicholas was known for his wonderful works, especially for children. Nicholas into a loving story for children of all ages.

The illustrator, Candace Camling helps to bring the story to life with her colorful illustrations.