Saving Your Life One Day at a Time: Seven Ways to Survive the Modern World

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Another way to have a mutually beneficial relationship not only in a business sense, but emotional sense too is to have aligning or complimentary values and beliefs. This is more difficult to determine on the others part, but the process starts by having a better understanding of yourself — reaching a certain level of self-mastery persay. These people support my continual growth, my ideals, and my dreams.

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Our modern world is indeed a complex place, however it is the fundamentals of relationships that keep us all connected to a single purpose — to grow and share. Practicing the art of selecting empowering relationships will surely help the cause to simplify your existence. Talk to me about how to get high-speed internet service without automatically being bundled into cable service. Call your internet provider and tell them you only want internet. Repeat as long as necessary during the bundling sales pitch to get them to comply with your wishes.

I can happily say our family does everything on this list! At first making these changes may seem impossible, yet you will enjoy the new found simplicity and awareness in your life. Having a basic cell phone is the most critical of these suggestions in my opinion block texting and internet with the phone provider as they are sometimes offered on even the lowest plans , nothing has done more to damage society than the ubiquitous smart phone, luring people into The Matrix as the real world passes them by.

Keeping track of time is such a good point. Time tracking is essential for identifying and eliminating time wasters.

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I still have a lot of these…. Tracking your expenses and making a budget can eliminate a HUGE stress. Take a little time and start this today. Reading this it occured to me that Simple Living is a lot like losing weight or getting out of debt. It takes a certain amount of willpower to block out the noise and the timewasters.

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Great sentiment and some good ideas, but tracking my time, watching only network television, reverting to with my cell phone, and spending time trying to find free WiFi sounds like more work. I agree, I think that many of these people are also talking about the money aspect of it. If money is tight, then these are ways to have these things on the cheap. I agree , and I think some modern conveniences actually help you have a simple life.

Buying online.. Not purchasing stamps.. Less time paying online.. Our credit card is from an airline and the accrued points allows us to visit our son in a distant state. Brian, these are all things I am working on. I really agree with cutting the cord, however unfortunately I have limited choices for my television. I tried to run my tv on antenna first and I received no channels. I do not live in the country so I do not know what was the problem. I love movies but not with friends. I went to a movie recently by myself and my wife thought it was weird. We have one credit card that accumulates points that we use toward groceries.

10 Tips That May Save Your Life One Day

We use the card and then immediately go home and pay that amount from our savings. I also always use my AirMiles card when possible and because we are not big on traveling those points also get saved and translate into groceries at Christmas when relatives invade…lol. Make your efforts a creative past time instead of a duty. Great points Brian!

I feel like the older I get, the more I realize how time is my single most precious resource.

Saving your life one day at a time: Seven ways to survive the modern world

Unlike money, there is never going to be a way to get or make more of it. I feel like I really safeguard my time now as a result. It helps me prioritize what is important to me and what I deem worthy of using it on.

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I absolutely agree with 6 of your points Joshua, but have yet to figure out how to watch live sports without cable. We are a BIG sports watching family. Do you know of any way around this dilemma? No tv for 15 years. I listen to NPR when I am in the car. No newspaper or magazine subscriptions. Many people use the library for those. Someone always seems to want to inform me anyway. So I guess I get my news on a one on one verbal level.

If you are watching sports together as a family, having a great time and creating good memories, keep the cable! Design your own life as you pick up good ideas from others. I think the key is eliminating the things that take away from the quality of your life, making more room for the things that matter most. I come from a sports-loving family myself, and sports are one of the main reasons I hold on to cable… that works for some, and not for others.

You would be amazed at how much FREE sports there are from your computer. We simply cast them to our flat screen via Chromecast. My husband just watched the Masters for 4 days from his laptop to the big screen. Google it! I have watched a whole NFL season from there. Look at sling. We got rid of cable and got that. They offer a sports package. I love living a simple life. This world has gotten so complicated.

I live in a house that was built in One day, as a test, I decided to live a day as if I was in well almost. No TV—no radio—no internet—no phone—etc. It was really a peaceful day and I found I prayed more and spent more time with God. I was so in touch with my surroundings and my animals, rather than just coasting through my day. I wonder what the future holds.

How will life be years from now??? What will be??? The phone topic is of particular interest to me. My iPhone allows me to carry a phone, camera, radio, e-reader, and calendar all in one, reducing what I need to carry with me daily and allowing me to travel lighter. I completely agree, Jess. I carried this a step farther and did away with my purse. My phone case has a place for 3 cards: my drivers license, debit card, and medical insurance card.

All store loyalty cards are stored in a phone app, so my phone in my pocket and keys in my hand mean I am ready to be out the door, hands free, in a moments notice. Another way of decluttering is by using the items you already have. Pull out some of those lotions under your bathroom sink, put them on the counter and use them each day, until they are gone.

These are just a couple of examples, but, You get the idea! It becomes easier to get rid of stuff once you see first hand how it is working in your life. Funny, i got rid of many items using them off and did with my rice cooker exactly the same you did. Also went from a drip coffee pot to a french press to a cone directly over my cup using an organic reusable filter.

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Best coffee ever! Simplifying is easy and awesome!

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Yes I have done exactly that too with lotions etc and my rice cooker. I declutter my pantry in the same way every now and then by putting packets, tins etc on the kitchen bench and using up items.

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It leads to more creative cooking. Our efforts are being focused now on decluttering but money tracking is the next step! Thanks for the encouragement that we can take steps to simplify where we are right now in our lives.

These are great suggestions. People tease me for it constantly, but it does what I need it to do. So no one expects to be able to reach me all the time.