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The lower crust for Group II ranges from intermediate to felsic. We propose that intermediate-felsic to felsic rocks represent the prearc basement, while intermediate composition indicates the mushy andesitic crustal magmatic system plus solidified intrusion along the volcanic conduits. We interpret the slow upper mantle as partial melt. Sabzevar Ophiolite, NE Iran: Progress from embryonic oceanic lithosphere into magmatic arc constrained by new isotopic and geochemical data.

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The Sabzevar mantle sequence includes harzburgite, lherzolite, dunite and chromitite. The crustal sequence of the Sabzevar ophiolite is dominated by supra-subduction zone SSZ -type volcanic as well as plutonic rocks with minor Oceanic Island Basalt OIB -like pillowed and massive lavas. We suggest that the Sabzevar ophiolites formed in an embryonic oceanic arc basin between the Lut Block to the south and east and the Binalud mountains Turan block to the north, and that this small oceanic arc basin existed from at least mid-Cretaceous times. Segmentation of plate coupling, fate of subduction fluids, and modes of arc magmatism in Cascadia, inferred from magnetotelluric resistivity.

Wannamaker, Philip E.

The MASK Girl (Reverse) Transformation

Distinct changes in plate coupling, subduction fluid evolution, and modes of arc magmatism along the length of Cascadia are clearly expressed in the resistivity structure. Relatively high resistivities under the coasts of northern and southern Cascadia correlate with elevated degrees of inferred plate locking, and suggest fluid- and sediment-deficient conditions.

In contrast, the north-central Oregon coastal structure is quite conductive from the plate interface to shallow depths offshore, correlating with poor plate locking and the possible presence of subducted sediments.

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The fluids rise to forearc Moho levels, and sometimes shallower, as the arc is approached. The zones begin close to clusters of low-frequency earthquakes, suggesting fluid controls on the transition to steady sliding. Under the northern and southern Cascadia arc segments, low upper mantle resistivities are consistent with flux melting above the slab plus possible deep convective backarc upwelling toward the arc. In central Cascadia, extensional deformation is interpreted to segregate upper mantle melts leading to underplating and low resistivities at Moho to lower crustal levels below the arc and nearby backarc.

The low- to high-temperature mantle wedge transition lies slightly trenchward of the arc. The Permo-Triassic Karakaya Complex is well explained by northward subduction of Palaeotethys but until now no corresponding magmatic arc has been identified in the region. With the aim of determining the compositions and ages of the source units, ten sandstone samples were collected from the mappably distinct Ortaoba, Hodul, Kendirli and Orhanlar Units.

The U-Pb-Hf isotope systematics are indicative of two different sediment provenances. The second provenance, represented by the Orhanlar Unit, is indicative of derivation from a peri-Gondwanan terrane. In case of the first provenance, the Devonian and Carboniferous source rocks exibit intermediate eHf t values to -3 , consistent with the formation at a continental margin where juvenile mantle-derived magmas mixed with recycled old crust having Palaeoproterozoic Hf model ages.

We have therefore identified a Triassic magmatic arc as predicted by the interpretation of the Karakaya Complex as an accretionary complex related to northward subduction Carboniferous and Devonian granites are already well documented in NW Turkey. Possible explanations for the lack of any outcrop of the source magmatic arc are that it was later subducted or the Karakaya Complex was displaced laterally from its source arc both post Ma.

Strike-slip displacement driven by oblique subduction?

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Flexural properties of ethyl or methyl methacrylate- UDMA blend polymers. Within limitation of this investigation, methyl methacrylate- UDMA blend polymer of this composition is available for denture base resin. The high-K calc-alkaline Vanda dike swarm likely represents the last phase of magmatism in a dying continental arc , perhaps accompanied by extension and uplift of the orogen. The relatively alkaline compositions of the dikes may result from lower degrees of melting, as subduction waned.

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References: Allibone, AH et al. Cox, SC et al. Encarnacion, J and Grunow, A, Tectonics, , Double and triple dating of minerals using multiple geo-thermochronometers has revolutionized efforts to evaluate complex thermotectonic histories of orogens, isolate unique sedimentary sources, and quantify basin burial reheating.

David A. Dickey

A persisting challenge is to distinguish volcanic sources from rapidly exhumed sources, with the simplistic premise that coincident cooling dates among high- to low-temperature thermochronometers are diagnostic of volcanic sources. Both units are important sediment sources within the High Andes for the Cenozoic east-flowing sediment routing systems. Multi-method thermochronometry of detrital minerals may reveal an added level of information regarding rates of cooling, unroofing, and thermal evolution of magmatic systems as preserved in the detrital record.