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Doll Bones is a fun, well-written, coming of age journey- perfect for fans of Goosebumps and recommended for readers ages Snow White by Matt Phelan. Phelan has published a beautifully crafted, unique retelling of the classic Snow White story that is sure to please fans of both the graphic novel format and fairy tales. Snow White is set in s New York City and interestingly reads like a blend of historical fiction and realistic fantasy. Samantha White, nicknamed Snow, lost her mother at a young age.

Slowly driven mad with jealousy from reading the messages on the tape, the stepmother hires a man to kill Snow. She luckily is saved by a gang of seven orphaned boys, a clever twist on the seven dwarves.

The stepmother eventually tricks Snow with a poison apple, but is saved by the dashing Detective Prince. Snow White is a stand-out graphic novel recommended for tween readers ages Ashenburg has written a very interesting, readable non-fiction title that outlines the history of human hygiene. That might sound boring at first, but this book is a really fun read! Young readers and adults alike will be surprised at some of the facts in this book, such as how people living in France during the eighteenth century might not have bathed more than once a year!

From the ancient Romans, medieval Europeans, and current practices in Zimbabwe and India- this book covers a wide variety of cultures and traditions. We Found a Hat by Jon Klassen.


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Klassen returns to finish his award-winning hat picture book trilogy with this gem involving two turtles and a coveted ten gallon hat. Readers who are familiar with I Want My Hat Back and This Is Not My Hat will not be surprised to discover the story revolves around both turtles wanting the hat, but unlike his previous hat books, these animals are friends. Divided into three parts, the story begins with the turtles discovering the hat but agreeing to leave it behind because there is only one hand.

Spire - It's Okay

Part two continues with the turtles watching the sunset together, though one of them is distracted by the nearby hat. Finally, in part three, the two friends go to sleep and the tale concludes with a beautiful dream sequence in which both turtles are wearing the great hat and floating in a dark, starry space. A sweet and funny story about friendship, and of course, stylish hats.

Tek is a cave boy who loves his technology: his tablet, video games, phone, and TV. He stays in his cave all day long glued to his electronic devices and has missed much of the outside world including dinosaurs and the entire Ice Age. However, when a volcanic eruption destroys his gadgets, Tek is forced outside into the prehistoric world.

Will he be able to survive without his tech? Is there life and fun beyond technology? This clever book actually looks like a tablet from its cover to most of its inside pages. As Tek explores his new world without the use of technology, the tablet-like page format begins to morph into more of a traditional book format.

Gertie wants to be the best fifth grade student in the universe! She has lived with her father and her Great-Aunt Rae for most of her life after her mother left them and moved into another house on a different street. When Gertie learns that her mother is finally moving away from their town, she wants to show her mother how special and great she is.

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If she does, maybe her mother may not want to move away. Gertie develops a plan to become the best student in fifth grade. However, the new girl in school, Mary Sue, wants to be the best student too. There is only room for one great student in fifth grade so what will Gertie do? Despite the hardships and hurts of daily life, Gertie faces each day with a brave and hopeful face.

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown.

The “No Gaps” Approach to Reading and Spelling

This short and original story focuses on Roz, who is a robot. Roz finds herself alone in a secluded island wilderness after her shipping crate is lost at sea. She has many existential questions to deal with in this new place. Who is she and why is she here?

The various animals she encounters are incredibly weary of her and at times violent in their attempts to scare her away. AS she struggles to survive, she finds herself responsible for a tiny orphaned gosling orphaned due to Roz herself. The animals begin to give her a chance and she tries to build a life for herself amongst the wild animals. This is an interesting survival story that also addressed many emotional questions regarding our purpose, where we fit in, and who are families are.

The book is also sprinkled with various illustrations that add to the reading experience and will appeal to readers in grades especially. This time with books! Larry does not want anyone to touch his book. But when he allows you, the reader, to touch a page with one finger…. Fans of The Book with No Pictures and The Monster at the End of this Book will want to add this delightful book to their read aloud collection to share with preschool and kindergarten children.

Love the book? The Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey. Wolf, Mr. Shark, Mr. Snake, and Mr. They want to start being known as the Good Guys and do some nice things for a change but their reputations and rap sheets stand in the way. First, they start small by helping to get a cat down from a tree but soon they develop a grand plan to free dogs from the Maximum Security City Dog Pound!

Written in a graphic novel-chapter book hybrid format, similar to the Captain Underpants series, this easy and fun book is a treat to read.

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Look forward to more books in the series in the future. This lovely picture book follows the everyday life of two ballet dancers, Julia a professional ballerina, and Emma a young ballet student.

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Readers see them from the moment they wake up, as they attend dance lessons, eat, read, and eventually meet at the end of the story when Emma gets her performance program autographed by the prima ballerina, Julia. Both characters devotion to ballet is made evident and ballet lovers of all ages will enjoy this story, though it is especially sure to please young readers dreaming of dancing on stage themselves one day.

Eerie Elementary is alive! Only 3 students, Sam, Lucy and Antonio, know that the school was brought back to life by the mad scientist, Orson Eerie. In book 5 of the series, a terrible snow storm hits the school forcing the students to be trapped inside for the night. Oh no! Eerie Elementary begins to freeze from the inside out! Can Sam, Lucy and Antonio save the other students before everyone freezes? Milne with decoration by Mark Burgess in the style of E. October 14, marked the 90th anniversary of Winnie-the-Pooh by A.

To celebrate the occasion, the Trustees of the Pooh Properties commissioned four authors to create a book filled with new stories about Pooh and his friends in the same magical style as A. Milne, the original author.

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  • This new collection follows Pooh throughout the year and also introduces a new character to the Hundred Acre Woods.