Submissives Hard Discovery: Submission Abroad

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A dominant woman lends her male slave to another female while she goes on holiday. This male slave recounts in diary form his servitude to this dominant young woman. He is put to hard toil in house and grounds, licks boots to show his submission, is caned and flogged for the slightest error, and even used as a sex toy. Miranda Birch is a mature English lady who writes tales of dominance and submission for the discerning adult. She is a firm believer in female supremacy.

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She has been writing for many years. Her discovery of Amazon Kindle gave her the idea and the opportunity to find an audience for her work. Her stories are all female domination femdom , and of various types: Hard -- just what is says on the box! Domestic -- rather less severe; Romantic -- femdom with a much softer edge; Frilly -- explores the world of forced feminisation, sometimes soft, sometimes hard.

Levant: 'the lad has never negotiated anything more valuable than a bag of weed'. Less than three hours later, Trump attempted to correct Levant by claiming the meeting between the two politicians was 'productive' and 'nice!

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During Trudeau's campaign, the PM promised to legalize marijuana. Although Trump has stepped up to defend the Canadian world leader, he has openly criticized Trudeau in the past. Trump went fired out angry tweets after the G7 summit in Canada, calling Trudeau 'meek' and 'dishonest'. Although Trump came to Trudeau's defense on Sunday, he has been a vocal critique of the Canadian in the past. During the G7 summit in Quebec, Trump went on a Twitter rant where he accused Trudeau of being 'meek' and 'dishonest'.

According to Trump, Trudeau was 'mild' during meetings about Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs on United States allies before lambasting him to the press. This Twitter exchange came before world leaders gathered before dinner on the second day of the G7 summit, where Trump and Trudeau stood side by side during press photos.

Trudeau left warmly greets First Lady Melania Trump middle as world leaders came together for dinner on the second day of the G7 summit. Share this article Share. Read more: www.

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But whenever they actually meet, Trudeau assumes a submissive position — politically, and even physically. Just look at this pictur Share or comment on this article: Trump defends Trudeau against critics on Twitter who said he was submissive to US President e-mail More top stories.

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Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. This groundbreaking product can give you smoother, plumper skin in just 7 days Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden looks business chic in a grey trousers and blazer as she arrives for the opening of an Arctic exhibition TOWIE's Amber Turner turns heads in a blue tuxedo minidress as she joins a stylish Courtney Green for filming Natalie Imbruglia, 44, welcomes her first child after undergoing IVF with a sperm donor - as she reveals his adorable name Amanda Holden, 48, looks delighted as she steps out in a chic ensemble with equally stylish daughter Hollie, The government has a legitimate interest in obtaining this information for its criminal investigations, and Microsoft has equally compelling reasons to resist providing information to the United States in potential violation of privacy or data protection laws of foreign countries where it operates.

These possible international investigatory conflicts spawned the MLAT system in the first place.

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Yet this case arose precisely because the government concluded—probably rightly—that MLAT would not meet its needs. Microsoft shows in the starkest light that MLATs are inadequate to law enforcement in the digital era. Foreign states have also encountered MLAT problems. It has often invoked the U. However, there are asymmetries between the U.


When Brazilians, Indians, or others find that they cannot get timely access to the data they want, in theory they can issue a direct subpoena or warrant under domestic law. Foreign governments are understandably frustrated by this asymmetry. Legislatures and regulators are consequently considering new legal regimes that would either keep data local or establish local jurisdiction over all citizen data no matter where it sits. Germany, for example, is considering server and data localization as part of a new Internet security law. These laws would partly mitigate the asymmetry by allowing for discovery of information directly from the subsidiary in the same manner as DOJ demanded in the Microsoft case. Both alternatives to MLATs—localization and jurisdictional expansion—are deeply problematic. First, forcing companies to hold data domestically or to insist that only domestic firms operate domestically will likely raise Internet user and small business costs and reduce the ability of firms to aggregate services and data analytics through cloud services. Equally important, localization policies will probably degrade data security by making censorship and surveillance easier for domestic governments and perhaps even foreign governments.

Under either of these scenarios, Internet companies suffer, Internet users suffer, and privacy and Internet freedom may suffer as well.

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Insufficient resources are a primary cause of MLAT backlogs. More MLAT requests will come in as criminal prosecutions increasingly focus on digital evidence. The United States is also entitled to expect other countries to spend more to expedite responses to American requests. Realistically, other nations must recognize that American prosecutors will turn to warrants like in Microsoft if their MLAT requests gather dust in foreign justice ministries. For instance, when the information sought is particularly sensitive perhaps political or financial information governments should unilaterally require that prosecutors use MLAT procedures.

The MLAT review process should be reformed and streamlined. There are no online submission forms for MLAT requests today.

Our latest Narratively story isn't available online - we printed the entire thing on a tote bag!

MLATs must either be submitted by paper or by email to relevant authorities in a slow and cumbersome process. All nations with MLATs should create an online submission form and guide. For instance, the U.