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Give your food a voice and a vision, and see where it leads you. Your food should have a narrative.

Create food that makes sense. Remember time when you are cooking and place where you are cooking. Cook and create something you believe in. Push boundaries, and listen. Comfort zones create complacency.

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But learn from each experience. Think big. Look beyond where you are. Search out flavor and inspiration both globally and locally, and let it filter through you and translate into the experiences. Stay humble. There will always be someone or something better. Remember where and how you began. Make use of the resources you have, and the talented, like-minded people around you.

Collaboration fosters growth and creativity. Member of the Month — Jazelle. Member of the Month — Amber. Member of the Month — Sarah.

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Natural therapies — are they safe? Smoking and Breast Cancer. OlympiA Trial. The enduring Angelina Effect. Our Impact — Wendy Nicol. What is Epigenetics?

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Nutrition After Surgery. Epigenetics — Histones and Nucleotides. Investigate Your Family Health History.

A Personal Insight into Oophorectomy Surgery. A Year Ago Today….. I had my breasts removed.

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How do I feel and look now? Preventative Surgery — Emotional Preparation. Breast Screening and Surveillance. Nutrition During Chemotherapy. He emphasised that the future and hope of Sierra Leone is in the youth and that the manifesto could not have come at a better time. It is clear that one of the ongoing drivers of hate and violence is the reluctance of the political class to embrace the many opportunities for a sustainable solution to violence and political extremism.

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Impunity, inequality, and skewed resource distribution remain the biggest drivers of politics in Sierra Leone, reminiscent of the pre-war situation described in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report. ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since Learn more about ReliefWeb.

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Development for peace Development and political analysts think the scope for meaningful development in a country that has experienced eleven years of brutal civil conflict will be greater if Sierra Leone can pivot its current political culture away from tribal and regional division. Bottom-up hope, top-down commitment Political leaders made the commitment during the launch of the manifesto to work in line with the document, as well as agreeing they should adopt parts in their manifestos come March Related content Sierra Leone.

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