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Harry Potter Half Blood Prince, First Edition

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Performance and reliability cookies These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability. The timing would seem to be reasonable: until the end of the previous book , Voldemort would have wanted to remain concealed, and so would not have moved openly against the Order of the Phoenix. With the revelation of his return, however, that constraint could be lifted, and the opening chapter of this book clearly indicates that he has started operations targeting the Order and its allies. Harry believes and readers assume that Slughorn has been hired as the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher to replace Dolores Umbridge.

However, Slughorn has actually been recruited to fill another position; this change will significantly affect Harry's future. Some believe that this chapter contains direct evidence that Horace Slughorn is or was a Death Eater. Knew there was something. Wouldn't have had time anyway. However, Horace Slughorn neither denied nor asserted that he could do it, he just stated that there wasn't enough time before Dumbledore arrived. It is unlikely that Slughorn is an active Death Eater. He enjoys his creature comforts far too much to relinquish them, and yet, he has gone into hiding.

He seems rather taken aback, in fact, to realize that he has been hidden and incommunicado for a year. If he is a Death Eater, he may have refused to answer the Dark Mark summons; in that case, he likely fears for his life should he be found. This would explain him hiding, and his actions upon detecting a wizard Apparating into his current home village.

However, Dumbledore asks if the Death Eaters have "come recruiting"; the implication is that Slughorn is seen as a potential or past ally, rather than an actual Death Eater. Additionally, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows , we will see that Slughorn continues to teach at the school even after the school has become a Death Eater stronghold. With Voldemort's tendency to exact revenge on those who failed to respond to the initial summons for instance Karkaroff , it is unlikely that Slughorn, if he had been a Death Eater the first time Voldemort was in power, would have survived the Ministry 's fall.

The apparent ease with which Dumbledore manipulates Slughorn into agreeing to be a teacher at Hogwarts should be noted by readers. This shows a side of Dumbledore's character which we have not been aware of until now. An astute reader might wonder, given Dumbledore's skill at convincing Slughorn to come out of hiding, whether Dumbledore might not be using this same skill on Harry. Is he being as forthright with Harry as he seems? If not, what would be Dumbledore's intent?

This concern will be brought out in the final book in the series , where Harry will discover that Dumbledore had apparently been concealing his younger life. Dumbledore's brother, Aberforth , will tell Harry that this pattern of manipulation was one that Dumbledore had followed for much of his later life. Also present is Tonks , whose colorless and sad appearance shocks Harry; her usually vibrant pink hair is now a mousy brown. Tonks insists she must go and declines a weekend dinner invitation, hearing that Lupin and Mad-Eye will be there.

Weasley asks Harry about Slughorn. Apparently, he started teaching at Hogwarts about the same time as Dumbledore, and he taught Mrs. She disapproved of Slughorn's favorites, apparently since Arthur Weasley was not among them. This promotion will help improve the Weasley finances. When Mr. Weasley arrives home, he discusses the counterfeit devices he has found.

[Read Book] Beautiful Salvation (The Blood Prince series) (Volume 5) EBook

Harry is actually interested, but when he attempts to stifle a yawn, Mrs. Weasley sends him to bed in the twins' vacant room.

They are now living in a little apartment over their Diagon Alley shop. The next morning, Harry is awakened by Ron and Hermione , who are concerned about his well-being after the battle at the Ministry. Ginny slouches in, complaining about someone she refers to as " her "; Harry's curiosity is ended when Fleur Delacour enters with his breakfast tray, and Mrs.

Weasley in her wake. Fleur says she and Bill Weasley are marrying next summer, then heads back downstairs. Ron is still clearly rather infatuated by Fleur, but the three women feel she is very full of herself and wonder what Bill sees in her. Ginny derogatorily calls her "Phlegm", upsetting Mrs. Weasley, but making Harry and Hermione laugh. When Mrs. Weasley departs, Ron, clearly still embarrassed in Fleur's presence, confides it is hard getting used to having Fleur around when she jumps out like that.

Ron, Ginny, and Hermione agree that Mrs.

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Weasley is unlikely to get Bill interested in Tonks rather than Fleur. Tonks has been depressed since her cousin, Sirius Black , had died. That she evidently blames herself for Sirius' death interests Harry, who carries the same guilt. As a result, Tonks has apparently lost the ability, or perhaps the inclination, to transform her physical appearance at will. After Ginny leaves, Ron tells Harry that the family and Percy remain estranged, despite Voldemort 's return. Ron and Hermione are amazed that Dumbledore wants to give Harry private lessons.

Harry reveals the prophecy to them, and Ron and Hermione worry that Harry will have to face Voldemort. Harry is also worried, but on reflection, realizes he has always known he would eventually have to face Voldemort. Privately, he is greatly reassured by Ron and Hermione not abandoning him at the revelation that he is fated to either kill Voldemort or be killed by him.

Shortly, Harry, Ron, and Hermione receive their O. It is revealed that "T", rather than a joke by the Twins, is an actual grade meaning Troll , not Terrible as might be imagined. Harry's grades are:. These results are good, but Harry's hope to become an Auror has apparently been dashed.

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Ron receives similar grades, minus the one 'Outstanding', and is quite pleased that he only failed Divination and History of Magic. Mrs Weasley is also very proud, noting that Ron has achieved more O. All three have passed into N. Harry is shocked by Tonks' radically changed appearance. There is no explanation yet as to what might have happened since she was last seen about a month ago, but she is no longer the cheerful and vibrant person Harry last saw. Some readers may believe, given the amount of Ministry hysteria about Dark wizards, that Tonks is being controlled by the Imperius curse.

Hermione, Ginny, and Ron think she is suffering from grief and guilt over Sirius' death and may even have been in love with him. Readers who are aware that Sirius was Tonks' cousin may believe the relationship is too close for marriage, but examination of the Black family tree shows that they are in fact second cousins, and so distantly enough related that they could marry.

The Phoenix on the Sword

Sirius' mother, Walburga , is sister to Cygnus, Andromeda Black's father, making Andromeda a first cousin to Sirius, and Tonks, as Andromeda's daughter would be second cousin to Sirius. As a side note, we will point out that the Black family is no stranger to inbreeding: Sirius' father and mother both descend from the marriage of Phineas Nigellus and Ursula Flint, their mutual great-grandparents. Harry also fears, on getting his OWL results, that his professional future has been permanently derailed. The only career that interested him is an Auror Dark wizard catcher , even though the primary person who encouraged him was actually a Death Eater in disguise Barty Crouch.

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