The Spirit Within: Poems to Give You Peace, Love, Joy, and Comfort

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There is no sweet possession, no rare joy, No cherished circumstance, no prized delight No lovely thing, of which it can be said,— "There is no time when this will never be. Where Is rest and refuge? No rest In death nor life; yet or in death or life, Where Truth is, there is rest. Look thou within. Not to be subject unto passion, but To subject passion,—is this then the way? Thou hast well said. As the sweet nut is held. In the hard shell, and cannot be enjoyed But by destruction of the husk, so Truth In passsion is preserved, but is not known Till passion be destroyed and cast away.

He who preserveth passion, dreading loss Of sweetness and enjoyment, cannot know The bliss of Truth, nor find where wisdom is: He is a prodigal, feeding upon The husks of life, the empty shows of things. And knowing not its kernel, seeing not The changeless substance of Reality. He only knows who conquers evil; he, Who masters self, passes beyond the dim Uncertain light of faith, and on him breaks The light of Perfect Knowledge which enfolds Emancipation, gladness, perfect peace.

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I know that sorrow follows passion; know That grief and emptiness and heartaches wait Upon all earthly joys ; so am I sad ; Yet Truth must be, and, being, can be found; And though I am in sorrow, this I know— I shall be glad when I have found the Truth. There is no gladness like the joy of Truth. The pure in heart swim in a sea of bliss That evermore nor sorrow knows, nor pain ; For who can see the Cosmos and be sad? To know is to be happy; they rejoice Who have attained Perfection; these are they Who live, and know, and realize the Truth. Yet how, and when, and where? I am confused.

The Way is near, and yet I see it not! He must be friendly with the worm and toad Who would be the companion of the wise, And know the Cosmic Splendour; he must stoop Who seeks to stand; must fall who fain would rise ; Must know the low, ascending to the high : He who would know the Great, must not disdain To diligently wait upon the small: He wisdom finds who finds humility. The beasts can neither bend nor stand erect Being beasts,—abandon bestial tendencies; But man can bend, and man can stand erect, Being man,— embrace pure thoughts and stainless deeds ; Here is deliverance.

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When I have found the meaning of thy words,I know I shall be wise as thou art wise ; But now I hear thee, and yet hear thee not. All things are holy to the holy mind, All uses are legitimate and pure, All occupations blest arid sanctified, And every day a Sabbath.

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I perceive Some glimmering of a Light transcending light, Some outline of a mighty Principle More beautiful than beauty; see some dim Appearing of the vision of a Life Vaster than life : the Cosmos is sublime! My eyes will open, I shall see the Truth, And, seeing, shall be glad for evermore! Be mindful, or the thought that soars will sink : Be lowly, patient, well-instructed; hold Thyself in check-, by many single steps All journeys reach completion: as the tree That rears its stately head toward the sky— Bestowing shade and shelter—issued from A tiny seed, and, waiting patiently Upon the law of growth, it came to be The thing majestic that it now appears,— So wisdom from a single act of good Well-planted, watched, and watered, comes at last To its sublime proportions.

I will tend The plant of wisdom with all diligence, And watch its growth toward perfection. Show me the unobserved and lowly Way ; Let praise, reward, and popularity Be no more sweet to me, and no more sought; Let self be blotted out, I seek the Truth. By adding thought to thought and deed to deed In ways of good, buildeth his character.

Little by little he accomplishes His noble ends; in quiet patience works Diligently, while others sleep, or slake Their hot desires in riot; nowise moved From his main purpose by perplexities, Falls, errors, failures, difficulties, pains, Daily he builds into his heart and mind Pure thoughts, high aspirations, selfless deeds, Until at last the edifice of Truth Is finished, and behold! I have found The little Gate mean and moss-grown which leads Into a dark, despised, neglected Way Which, further, leads to glorious esplanades And heights of Splendour; foolish men avoid The lowly, and thereby the lofty lose; Despise the small, and the majestical Miss, and see not.

The Perfect Way awaits thy strenuous tread ; Behold where rise, precipitous, yet grand, The Hills of Virtue ; higher, and beyond, The Peaks of Blessedness ; and yet again, Upon the lofty Summits of the Truth, Where clouds and darkness are not, and where rests Eternal Splendour; there, abiding Joy Awaits thy coming.

Onward, and disperse The dark delusions of thy self! Evil Is Good denied, is darkness and no more. He who does not find The Way of Meditation, cannot reach Emancipation and enlightenment. Thou wilt come To perfect peace, and so wilt bless the world, Leading unto the High and Holy Way The feet of them that seek. To all the world, And all that lives, for evermore be peace. I am ; Perfection is, and Peace. Mortifications he had tried, and they Had left him strengthless, wan, wanting the Truth; And now he seemed as one defeated, borne Upon the stream of Fate, helpless, alone.

The priests who pray and read, and read and pray, Die in their sins at last, and do not find The Love I mourn for, the deep Truth I seek ; And better where it that I ease thy pain Than pray with them, and seek and never find. And Buddha in that hour entered the Way Which he had vainly sought in schools and creeds; Entered the Path which no philosophy Leads unto, and which none shall ever find But by sweet deeds of Love, forgetting self; And in his heart there grew a holy Love ; And in his mind a knowledge new and strange ; And his whole being felt a painless peace ; Sorrow and pain were not ; and then he knew hat he had found the holy Truth at last.

And from thenceforward Buddha lived the Truth, And taught its practice; and from far and near Came men and women who had sought the Truth, And at his feet they sat and worshipped him, Learning of love and pity ; finding bliss And peace that cannot fail; and him they called Deliverer, Redeemer, Blessed Lord. If men only understood That their wrong can never smother The wrong-doing of another ; That by hatred hate increases, And by Good all evil ceases, They would cleanse their hearts and actions.

If men only understood That the heart that sins must sorrow, That the hateful mind to-morrow Reaps its barren harvest, weeping, Starving, resting not, nor sleeping; Tenderness would fill their being. If men only understood All the emptiness and aching Of the sleeping mid the waking Of the souls they judge so blindly, Of the hearts they pierce unkindly. Questioning Life and Destiny and Truth, I sought the dark and labyrinthine Sphinx, Who spake to me this strange and wondrous thing :— " Concealment only lies in blinded eyes, And God alone can see the Form of God.

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The unwise say, " Our sufferings are unjust, Our pains and woes rise from the scattered dust Of sinful ancestors ; we are not free ; Our fathers robbed us of our liberty By what they did ; and we are weak and frail Because they erred; they fell, and we must fail. Thy sins are thine, O man! Make pure thy heart, and thou wilt make thy life Rich, sweet, and beautiful, unmarred by strife ; Guard well thy mind, and, noble, strong, and free, Nothing shall harm, disturb or conquer thee ; For all thy foes are in thy heart and mind ; There also thy salvation thou wilt find.

Mind is the Master-power that moulds and makes. And Man is Mind and evermore he takes The Tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills, Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills :— He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass ; Environment is but his looking-glass.

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In his own heart he fosters dark desires, Or strives for good, or loftily aspires ; In his own life he reaps what he has sown, Or pain or peace, he garners in his own. Thou man, that bowest to heredity, Know this—the Law of life is Liberty,. Behold where Love Eternal rests concealed! The deathless Love that seemed so far away!

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In the darkness of the night-time. In the starless gloom of midnight; Shining Herald of the coming Of the kingdom of the righteous: Teller of the mystic story Of the lowly birth of Godhead In the stable of the passions, In the manger of the mind-soul ; Silent singer of the secret Of compassion deep and holy To the heart with sorrow burdened, To the soul with waiting weary:— Star of all-surpassing brightness, Thou again dost deck the midnight ; Thou again dost cheer the wise ones Watching in the creedal darkness, Weary of the endless battle With the grinding blades of error ; Tired of lifeless, useless idols, Of the dead forms of religions ; Spent with watching for thy shining ; Thou hast ended their despairing; Thou hast lighted up their pathway ; Thou hast brought again the old Truths To the hearts of all thy Watchers ; To the souls of them that love thee Thou dust speak of Joy and Gladness, Of the Peace that endeth sorrow.

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  5. Blessed are they that can see thee, Weary wanderers in the Night-time ; Blessed they who feel the throbbing, In their bosoms feel the pulsing Of a deep Love stirred within them By the great power of thy shining. Let us learn thy lesson truly ; Learn it faithfully and humbly; Learn it meekly, wisely, gladly, Ancient star of holy Vishnu, Light of Krishna, Buddha, Jesus. How great is my distress and tribulation! All ways are waiting for my feet to tread, The light and dark, the living and the dead, The broad and narrow way, the high and low, The good and bad, and with quick step or slow, I now may enter any way I will, And find, by walking, which is good, which ill.

    And I may stand where health, success, and power Await my coming, if, each fleeting hour, I cling to love and patience: and abide With stainlessness; and never step aside From high integrity ; so shall I see At last the land of immortality. Not mine the arrogant and selfish claim To all good things; be mine the lowly aim To seek and find, to know and comprehend, And wisdom-ward all holy footsteps wend Nothing is mine to claim or to command, But all is mine to know and understand.

    Thou symbol of the human soul, O sea!

    go here Find ye that life is anguish, and that self-love is a chain That binds thy quivering soul, and cuts with biting stings of pain? From unforgiveness, judgment false, and self and enmity ; And that fair Path of Peace he walks whose memory holds no stain Of injuries past; that blameless heart hath reached the end of pain. I come to thee, O Master! Whither canst thou fly?

    Sheltered by deathless love, what fear hath he? Armoured in changeless Truth, what can he know Of loss and gain? Stand up and strike, O conqueror of woe! Hast thou passed through the desert of doubt? Art thou purged by the fires of sorrow? Is thy soul so fair That no false thought can ever harbour there? Hast thou passed through the place of despair? Hast thou wept through the dark night of grief? Hast thou crossed the wide ocean of strife? From thy human heart hath all striving gone, Leaving but Truth, and Love, and Peace alone?

    What of the night, O Watchman! Strike yet his darting rays upon thy sight?

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    All evil passes from us when we find The Way of Good ; when word and deed and mind Are shaped to Truth and Wisdom; then we see The end of bondage and captivity. All good is ever with us ; we but want Wisdom to take it; we are poor and scant Only in lacking wisdom ; that acquired, The good is ours that we so long desired.

    Be stilt any soul and know that peace is thine; Be steadfast, heart, and know that strength divine Belongs to thee : cease from thy turmoil, mind, And thou the Everlasting Rest shalt find. Hail to thee, Man divine! Why this fierce struggle to achieve thine ends? This selfish argument? Canst thou bend Truth and Nature to thy will? Art thou in sorrow? He shall not die who seeks the Way of Truth ; He shall not see the corruption who doth walk With stainless feet the Path of Purity ; He shall not wander in dark worlds of woe Who finds the Gate of Good and enters there, For he shall taste of immortality While feasting at the table of his Lord.

    Are you searching for the happiness that does not fade away? Are you looking for the joy that lives, and leaves no grievous day? Are you panting for the waterbrooks of Love, and Life, and Peace? Then let all dark desires depart, and selfish seeking cease. Are you sighing for the Resting-Place where tears and sorrows cease? Then sacrifice the heart of self, and find the Heart of Peace.

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